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Roc Raida tribute videos

Roc Raida tribute videos »

Videos from the tribute to Roc Raida in New York, including live sets from the Beat Junkies and DJ Craze.

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Del + Tame One album and Doom compilation

Del + Tame One album and Doom compilation »

We take a look at the new Tame One and Del album – Parallel Uni-verses including video and mp3 download as well as the new MF Doom compliation, Unexpected Guests.

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Major Lazer – Pon De Floor video

Major Lazer – Pon De Floor video »

The video for Major Lazer’s Pon De Floor. One of the most original and funny music videos in a long time.

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Neut mix downloads collection

Neut mix downloads collection »

In Australia, there’s a studio called The Timbre Mill, and in that studio you’ll find DJ/Producer and mix maker most high, Neut. Here we present a collection of his mixes over the last year or so to beef up your beat stash.

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Rupert interview and ‘Just Woke Up’ album

Rupert interview and ‘Just Woke Up’ album »

Ever since Rup stepped on the scene about 3 years ago with the triumphant, approved trumpet touting track ‘King Cnut’ and his work with 27 Beats, the MC with a mountain of metaphors has always provoked interest and excitement around his music. Now he’s back with a new album – ‘Just Woke Up’ and [...]

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Mr. Cooper interview and mp3 download

Mr. Cooper interview and mp3 download »

We catch up for a chat with longtime Delarge favorite, Mr. Cooper as his second full length album “What Else There Is” is released on the Project Mooncircle label.

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Madlib – ‘The Ox (805)’ mp3 download

Madlib – ‘The Ox (805)’ mp3 download »

California’s king of the beats Madlib has a new album out on the 29th September 2008 – ‘WLIB AM: King of the Wigflip’ which sees him easing up on the world rhythms and returning to his roots in the boom bap. To let us dip our toes before we jump in, buy we have [...]

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New music from Bombay Monkey, Skilf, Gelka and Bomb the Bass

New music from Bombay Monkey, Skilf, Gelka and Bomb the Bass »

Join us as we take a listen to some upcoming releases from Bombay Monkey, phimosis Skilf, find Gelka and Bomb the Bass.
Bombay Monkey – 130 Astronauts
Out on Lo Tek on 18th August
Listen to ‘Are the Stars?’ the lead track from 130 Astronauts:

Bombay Monkey’s new album ‘130 Astronauts’ is the third in a “trilogy [...]

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Living Legends – The Gathering EP

Living Legends – The Gathering EP »

Listen to the lead track – ‘The Gathering’:

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Setting the pace for 2008, ed the entire Living Legends crew locked down at Encore Studio (Dr Dre’s The Chronic 2001, Eminem Marshall Mathers LP, [...]

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Interview with Slug from Atmosphere (audio + mp3)

Interview with Slug from Atmosphere (audio + mp3) »

We caught up with Slug from Atmosphere whilst he was on the ‘3 the Hard Way’ tour with Brother Ali to talk about live shows, approved hip hop & being a slacker amongst other things…

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‘Now is the Time’ mix by Neut – mp3 download

‘Now is the Time’ mix by Neut – mp3 download »

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Wax Tailor LP ‘Hope & Sorrow’ + mp3 download

Wax Tailor LP ‘Hope & Sorrow’ + mp3 download »

The new album from beat boiler & scientist of the sampler – Wax Tailor is out now. ‘Hope & Sorrow’, nurse the follow up to the hugely successful ‘Tales of The Forgotten Melodies’, contains 15 tracks featuring a range of guests from The Others, Voice & A.S.M. to the sweet soul of Charlotte Savary [...]

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  • Napoleon Dynamite — RADIX JOURNAL (mp3)

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    Andy, Colin, Richard, and special guest John Morgan go in for a bit of the old ultra-violence in a discussion of Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange (1971). Can one truly be moral without the capacity for rape and mayhem? Is "Alex Delarge" simply a sociopath and thug . . . or an avatar of the übermensch in an egalitarian age? »
  • The Beat Magistral (Con Anima) (mp3)

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    A massive deep dark flowing mix by Dj Heisa. A beautiful trip through abstract hip hop, jazz, classical and folk music. This man makes classical, jazz and folk music sounds like hip hop. Tracklist at »
  • The Glitch Mob - Crush Mode (40 min mix) (mp3)

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    A huge heavy mix of massive bass and chopped up beats from LA's premier glitched-out electro hip hop crew . You just imagine seeing and hearing this played LOUD in a club - it would blow your mind. More of their music at »

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