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Guru & Solar

Rap legend Guru and producer Solar rolled into the UK last week on their Lost and Found 8.0 European Tour. They talk to us about their new album, symptoms hip hop and fondness of British films…

What kind of hip hop do you enjoy listening to these days? Who is on your boom box?

Guru: Everything from Immortal Technique to Jim Jones, Camron, Red and Meth, Jadakiss, Wale, Lil Wayne and others…

Solar: I dig Roots Reggae like Luciano “Serious Times”, I dig Young Jeezy, Dipset, Shorty Lo, TI and others…

Can you tell us some of your all time favourite records? Which are the ones that never fail to nod the head?

Guru: Eric B and Rakim “Let The Rhythm Hit Em”, James Brown “Payback”, Public Enemy “Don’t Believe The Hype”

Solar: Bob Marley “Redemption Song”, Pete Rock and CL Smooth ” When I Reminisce”, Bran Nubian “Everybody Loves The Sunshine”

What would your dream posse cut be? Who would be in it?

Guru and Solar: Guru, Wu-Tang and Bran Nubian

I think we both know, despite the popular phrase, that hip hop isn’t dead, it’s just changed a lot. In your opinion, what is the future of hip hop?

Solar: Hip Hop is in need of effective, creative, intelligent, streetwise leadership to revive it out of it’s dormant mental state. Guru and myself are doing just that…

Guru: indeed, we gotta keep lines of communication open globally and and really put things in a better perspective. Positive and not negative, We provide that intelligent alternative that Real Hip Hop was born out of…

Is there anything you would like to change about hip hop?

Solar: Yes, the whole aspect of greed and beef as opposed to the culture and artform…

Guru: The fact that mainstreanm force feeds the listeners, however, 7 Grand knows that there are those out there who are not gong for it and we are here for them…

Guru6. You’ve said in the past Jazz and rap music “both reflect an era when black people got frustrated and expressed themselves through music”. Do you think jazz and rap music are as closley related today?
Guru and Solar: Jazz and hip hop will always be related in that they both have had their own culture, style, slang, worldly influence and have been embraced by the entire world to the point where new artists have made their own forms of Hip hop and jazz that reflects where they are from and how they see the world they live in…

When you’re not knocking chump Mcs out the box, what do you do to unwind? Are you a family man? A xbox addict? A golfer perhaps?

Guru and Solar: Nah, no golf, we are definitely into sports and spend alot of time “watching and analyzing movies, we dig a lot of UK films like “Sugahouse”, “Crank” – all versions, “Mobstas”, “Bullet Boy”, “Kidultery”, “28 Days” “How To Rob A Bank”, “Torchwood”…

Do you freestyle?

Guru and Solar: We both do in the lab and on the road… along with Dj Doo Wop…

Your latest album, Guru 8.0 Lost & Found, is out now, for those who don’t know can you tell us what to expect from it. Is it on the boom bap tip? or more smoothed out? What topics are you addressing on Guru 8.0?

Guru and Solar: Everywhere we have been in our travels people have complained about Hip Hop and sad it needs this, it lacks that, so we came with solutions…we came with a Real Hip Hop album for 09 not 95…
Guru & Solar
Each song is it’s own entity that adds to the whole. the main bangers are “Divine Rule”, “Lost and Found”, “No Gimmick Sh*t” feat: Doo Wop, “After Time” feat: Solar’s debut on the mic, “When U Least Expect” feat; K Born and Highpower, 7 Grand artists out of Philly, and “Fastlane”.

The production is slick, hard, contemporary and competitive with everything out there today and demonstrates Solar’s true genius. Not to mention that he has directed all the 7 grand videos.. The Icon Guru of course is spitting nothing but that new fly sh*t…This is another classic album!

10. So what’s next for you? Do you have any up and coming projects, tours or treats you can tell us about?

Guru and Solar: We are continuing our global grind with this 8.0 Lost and found world tour into th end of the year! It’s the best live show on the planet! Peace and stay tuned for much more from 7 grand so support the movement!

One billion big ups – thank you so much for taking time to talk to us.



Lost & Found 8.0 is available at HMV and online at itunes, amazon UK / US, emusic & cd Universe.

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