Nas: The world was yours

Nas: The world was yours »

Driving home yesterday I saw a plastic water bottle in the gutter. It was half-full of what looked like piss. Two things struck me. Firstly, it’s not the first time that I’ve seen a bottle of piss on the side of the road. Secondly, there is something inherently depressing about looking at a bottle [...]

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Turntable Radio

Turntable Radio »

When you’re stranded at your desk and you’re on the look for some beats to pump, you should take a trip to the Turntable Radio podcasts where you’ll find huge heavy beats and buckets of dope tunes. Visit them on Odeo for the mp3 downloads or their website. Photo of Birdy Nam Nam by Monsieur [...]

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New desktop wallpaper

New desktop wallpaper »

We have a fresh desktop wallpaper up, troche red lips sink ships – big ups to mushroom soup for the photo.

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SNUB sticker sheet download

SNUB sticker sheet download »

We now have an a4 sheet of 9 big and bold SNUB stickers for you to download courtesy of the man himself in the run up to the launch of later this month. So, cheap go grab em, print and stick the day away…

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When shoe laces were fat and Michael Jackson was black

When shoe laces were fat and Michael Jackson was black »

Take it back to the source with this "Legendary Hip Hop Producer Marley Marl MIX":
powered by ODEO
The MP3 download is also available. Photo by Ro Halfhide.
And if you need a bigger old school fix, check this ‘Rap All-stars’ video from the Arsenio Hall show.

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Clipse mixtape: We Got it 4 Cheap Vol. 2

Clipse mixtape: We Got it 4 Cheap Vol. 2 »

Much of the work done on this site over the last week or so was done with this mixtape on loop (and it still is), so we thought it only right you cop a blast too. You might be weary of drug-pushing related rap after a barrage over the last few years, and be warned, [...]

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Mad deep, taking no shorts…

Mad deep, taking no shorts… »

…and no sleep. We proudly present delarge in its eighth incarnation. We have new music up, a special podcast from Herb Recordings featuring electronic breaks to keep your head bopping. There’s also the new ‘Never Faded’ posters for the vinyl and cassette lovers, a fresh wallpaper, plus a couple of articles amongst other things. Some [...]

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El-P, Ready for Bed

El-P, Ready for Bed »

“We should enjoy America as we want to enjoy it” screeched the simian overlord as he stood in the historical shadow of the crumbling twin towers. “Them folks” hate us and everything we stand for. “Go to Disney World” he jabbered.

The administration has offered up myriad PR clangers as fodder for the keener satirist – [...]

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Cage barked but the facts stayed quarantined in Kennelz

Cage barked but the facts stayed quarantined in Kennelz »

Last Monday I joined the shrinking audience of the hand-wringing, the outraged and the desperately-seeking-quality-programming in watching BBC1’s Panorama. In spite of the Corporation’s attempts to obliterate one of a hand-full of shows that justify the legalised extortion of the TV license – 27 minutes of surprisingly decent output still managed to find a voice. [...]

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    Andy, Colin, Richard, and special guest John Morgan go in for a bit of the old ultra-violence in a discussion of Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange (1971). Can one truly be moral without the capacity for rape and mayhem? Is "Alex Delarge" simply a sociopath and thug . . . or an avatar of the übermensch in an egalitarian age? »
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    A massive deep dark flowing mix by Dj Heisa. A beautiful trip through abstract hip hop, jazz, classical and folk music. This man makes classical, jazz and folk music sounds like hip hop. Tracklist at »
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    A huge heavy mix of massive bass and chopped up beats from LA's premier glitched-out electro hip hop crew . You just imagine seeing and hearing this played LOUD in a club - it would blow your mind. More of their music at »

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