Major Lazer – Pon De Floor video

Major Lazer – Pon De Floor video »

The video for Major Lazer’s Pon De Floor. One of the most original and funny music videos in a long time.

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Neut mix downloads collection

Neut mix downloads collection »

In Australia, there’s a studio called The Timbre Mill, and in that studio you’ll find DJ/Producer and mix maker most high, Neut. Here we present a collection of his mixes over the last year or so to beef up your beat stash.

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Interview with Guru and Solar

Interview with Guru and Solar »

Rap legend Guru and producer Solar rolled into the UK last week on their Lost and Found 8.0 European Tour. They tell us about their new album, hip hop and fondness of British films.

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Graffiti Planet 2 book competition

Graffiti Planet 2 book competition »

We have 3 copies of the book ‘Graffiti Planet 2: More of the best graffiti from around the world’ up for grabs in our competition.

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iPhone wallpapers

iPhone wallpapers »

A selection of ripe Delarge wallpapers are now available for your iPhone, so you can keep your screen looking stupid fresh wherever you’re at.

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Don’t stop the desktops

Don’t stop the desktops »

We can’t, won’t and don’t stop those desktop wallpapers oozing out… so here’s the latest in the collection, titled ‘My heart caught fire’, after a line in the Bat For Lashes track ‘Good Love’… hope it does the do for you

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The haps

The haps »

Let’s get to this new desktop wallpaper, From Back in 2007, the main man Dark Daze did a photoshoot for us featuring the wonderful Carly…

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In there like swimwear

In there like swimwear »

The biggest of big ups to our Dephect clothing competition winners – 1st place: Hinesy Hines, 2nd place: Ben Axtell, 3rd place: Dirty Ninja, we hope you enjoy your new threads – and to celebrate we have a desktop wallpaper to add to the collection.

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Rupert interview and ‘Just Woke Up’ album

Rupert interview and ‘Just Woke Up’ album »

Ever since Rup stepped on the scene about 3 years ago with the triumphant, approved trumpet touting track ‘King Cnut’ and his work with 27 Beats, the MC with a mountain of metaphors has always provoked interest and excitement around his music. Now he’s back with a new album – ‘Just Woke Up’ and [...]

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Unkle’s ‘Heaven’ / Fully Flared video

Unkle’s ‘Heaven’ / Fully Flared video »

You may well be familiar with Lakai Footwear’s epic skate video ‘Fully Flared’, which took 4 years to complete and was one of the most anticipated videos of 2007… but it sure was worth it.

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Urban Dirty iPhone, iPod and laptop skins

Urban Dirty iPhone, iPod and laptop skins »

You might know about Delarge’s sister site Urban Dirty, treatment full of free texture photos for your designs and artwork, arthritis and also the source of a lot of graphics for our wallpapers. Well, now there is a range of Urban Dirty laptop, iPhone and iPod skins available at Infectious.

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Win Dephect clothing

Win Dephect clothing »

Dephect clothing are launching their ultra stylish Spring / Summer range for 2009 and to celebrate, tablets we have teamed up with them to offer you the chance to win some goodies.

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    A massive deep dark flowing mix by Dj Heisa. A beautiful trip through abstract hip hop, jazz, classical and folk music. This man makes classical, jazz and folk music sounds like hip hop. Tracklist at »
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