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photo by Zadi DiazIn New South Wales, anesthetist Australia, there is a studio called The Timbre Mill, and in that studio you’ll find DJ/Producer and mix maker most high, Neut (aka Neural). Here we present a collection of his mixes over the last year or so to beef up your beat stash.

We first got to know about Neut when we unearthed his stupid fresh ‘Film Score mix‘ nearly 2 years ago. A couple of days ago, we were lucky enough to recieve his latest mix called ‘Electric Excercise’ which had prompted this round up of his mix downloads to provide you with over 8 hours of diverse beats. So click the links, scoop them up, and turn it up:

Frequency Labyrinths September 2009

Frequency Labyrinths

CD one
Section 1
Grimace Federation ‘phyllis krim’ / Tempa ‘nightfall manoeuvres’ / Mr Oizo ‘no day massacre’ / The Heliocentrics ‘vibration of the fallen angels’

Section 2
Broadcast ‘microtronics 9′ / Illy B ‘jersey 1′ / Mantecao Y Su Combo Gitano ‘achili funk (Danny Breaks remix)’ / Herma Puma ‘golden rod’ / Funken ‘blanche’ / Omar Rodriguez Lopez & John Frusciante ‘track 2′ / Aesop Rock ‘getaway car instr’ / Tranquil ‘payroll (Paul White’s clean dub)’ / Edan ‘rapperfection instr’ + Oddateee ‘my ex’ / Basementality ‘crossroads’

Section 3
DJ Signify ‘the sickness’ / Portishead ‘unknown’ / 1 Speed Fukin Bike ‘a swimmer in the ocean is not afraid of the rain’ / Giallos Flame ‘the killer must kill again’ + Kelpe ‘cut it upwards (The Oscillation remix)’ / The Alps ‘labyrinths’ / Mr Messiah ‘the dub lab part 1′ / Grails ‘black tar frequencies’

CD Two
Section 1
Various Production ‘haven’ / Piano Magic ‘the canadian brought us snow’ / Son Of A Bricklayer ’spying on dreams’ / Marsicano Sitar Experience ‘fire’

Section 2
Dungen ’svart ar himlen’ / Mr Chop ‘metropoli del ferro’ / Jel ‘all around instr’ / Depth Charge ‘castle of doom’ + Reanimator ‘the way that i see it instr’ / Red Snapper ‘they’re hanging me tonight’ / Controller7 ‘consumer’ / Illy B ’sleeptalker (live)’

Section 3
Baby Al ‘extra sensory percussion’ / MRR-ADM ‘013′ / Redback ‘more than human’ / MHE ‘006 version’ + Radius ‘the beast’ / El Stew ‘t.h.t.s.l.e.e.’ / Morti Viventear ‘hello aunt alicia’

Electric Excercise August 2009

Electric Exercise
Neut says: “Mix of psych beats old and new, some favourites i’ve been listening to lately.”

Section 1
‘intro’ / Tod Dockstader ’sun surges’ / $0.99 Dreams ‘rockland psych ward’ / Pussy ‘g.e.a.b.’ / The Giallos Flame ‘the ripper’ / Aguaturbia ‘ah ah ah ay’ / Grails ‘belgian wake-up drill’ / Godsy ‘my friend… he laughs?’

Section 2
Andy Votel ’skit two’ / Adrian Champion ‘jolene’s ether instr’ / Illy B ‘war of the worlds’ / Les Soundtracks ’s.t.p.#1′ / Madvillain ’supervillain theme instr’ / Son Of A Bricklayer ‘off’ / Dungen ’satt att se (version)’ / Madslo ’slasher bonus beats’ / Mr Chop ‘transhuman’ / Methodblack ‘afterdark’ / Fat Jon ‘dreamers’ + Bohren Und Der Club Of Gore ‘mitleid lady’

Section 3
Xela ‘watching a light in the distance’ / DJ Signify ‘the gods get dirty’ / Animated Egg ’sock it my way’ / Deth Shepperd ‘nam 2′ / Mr Chop ‘don’t try to think’

Section 4
Dalek ‘absence’ / Red Snapper ‘wanga doll’ / Sensational Concretes ‘unknown’ / Tully ‘follow me’ / Voice Of The Seven Woods ’seventh step’

Section 5
Sixtoo ‘work in progress edit instr’ / MHE ‘045′ / Black Sabbath ‘electric funeral instr’ / Juan Trip ‘now’ / Joy Division ‘exercise one edit’ / Mickey Ritter ‘one eyed looking glass’ / Franz Auffray ’sweet popcorn part 2′ / The Dead Weather ‘3 birds’ / Fridge ’swerve and spin’

Analogue Activist June 2009

Analogue Activist
Neut says: “Somethin’ a little different from a chilly weekend in oz. enjoy, and beware, this ones a speaker blower…”

01 Matt Kelly ‘untitled 7′
02 Various Production ‘warchild’
03 Mr Oizo ‘analog worms attack’ + Various Production ‘robot dialogue outro’
04 Two Fingers feat Sway ‘not perfect’
05 Paul White ‘hustle’
06 Tobacco ’street trash’
07 Megasoid ‘threesix whorunit instr’
08 Starkey ‘creature’
09 Joker & Ginz ‘reup’
10 Jamie Vex’d ‘radiant industry’
11 Starkey ‘gutter music (vip)’
12 Megasoid ‘crimemob stilettos massif instr’
13 Gravious ‘vultures’
14 Joker ’solid state’
15 Joker ‘untitled_rsn’
16 Scuba ‘twitch (Jamie Vex’d remix)’
17 Joker ‘psychedelic runway’
18 DJ Scotch Egg ’scotch stoner’
19 Panda Bear ‘i’m not (Phaseone remix)’
20 Disrupt ‘love on’
21 Danny Breaks ‘the sound’
22 Computer Jay ‘distance’
23 Hermitude ‘44 gallons’
24 Fulgeance ‘rubiscube’
25 Amon Tobin ‘delpher’

Totem May 2009


1. Deckard ‘is this the end?’
2. Martyn ‘natural selection (Flying Lotus cleanse remix)’
3. Lukid ‘chord’
4. Burial & Four Tet ‘wolf cub’
5. Martyn feat. Spaceape ‘is this insanity?’
6. Mr Cooper ‘what else there is part 08′
7. Glen Porter ‘um’
8. Two Fingers ‘moth rhythm’
9. LV ‘dream cargo’
10. Kode9 ‘black sun’
11. Jamie Vex’d ’saturn’
12. Flying Lotus ‘roberta flack (Martyn’s heart beat mix)’
13. Joker ’80’s’
14. Gravious ‘vultures’
15. Kode9 ‘2 far gone’
16. King Cannibal ‘flower of flesh and blood’

Celluloid Tension April 2009

Celluloid Tension

Chapter 1
SEVA ’suspended animation’ + MHE ‘004′ / Dials ‘east of gillham’ / MHE ‘mhedos (000)’

Chapter 2
Sixtoo ‘outro’ / Dalek ‘forever close my eyes (Larvae remix)’ / Boards Of Canada ‘growing hand’ + Keystones & Malcolm Catto ‘connie’s thing’ / Qwel & Meaty Ogre ‘practice for hope instr’ + Skyrider ‘untitled’ / Tom Tyler ‘carmel conclusion’ / Deckard ‘utopia’ / Bracken ‘heathens instr’

Chapter 3
Blockhead ‘dough’ / Dalek ‘maintain’ + Controller7 ’specialist’ / DJ Signify ‘winters going instr’ + Villain Accelerate ‘rookie card’ / The Prunes ‘dsb style’ + Gravediggaz ‘nowhere to run (Portishead mix part 2)’ / Sixtoo ‘outremont mainline runs across the sunset instr’ + U-Point ‘eurt’ / Sixtoo ‘antagonist survival kit instr 4′ / Mnemotrauma ‘i’m leaving’ / Scott Matelic ‘ripple effect’ / Mumbles ‘embrace the mystery’ / Buddy Peace ’slow gang funeral’ / MHE ‘bassdrum (demo)’ / Meaty Ogre ‘mystic earth adoration’ / Express Rising ‘dead mall’ / Elektro4 ‘velvet’ / Jel ‘delete sound’ / MF Doom ‘mullein’ / Deloise ‘mirar de un ayer’ / Dabrye ‘take me home’ / Chasm ‘compurhythm’ / Mr Cooper ‘one’ / Deckard ‘die zone’ + DJ Noizcut ‘drips of madness (Bolaphone remix)’

Chapter 4
Jackson Jones ‘lamp post instr’ / Sixtoo ‘duration part 6′ / Glen Porter ’satire’ / Tenshun ’sloth 8′ / Tenshun ’search & destroy 1′

Bad Ganja January 2009

Bad Ganja
Neut says: “Under ‘Neural’ alter-ego this time, cause its more dance floor oriented… a rare beast from me these days!”

01 Carl Craig ‘intro crackdown remix part II’
02 Darkstar ‘need you’
03 2562 ‘moog dub’
04 Unknown ‘chase the devil’
05 Skream ‘make me’
06 The Bug feat Flowdan ‘ganja’
07 Mrk1 ‘grit’
08 Zomby ‘the lie’
09 Ras Mesinai’s Badawi ‘den of drums (Kode9 remix)’
10 Zomby ‘tears in the rain’
11 Public Enemy vs Zinc ‘138 noise’
12 Kode9 vs LD ‘bad’
13 Modeselektor ‘the black block (Rustie remix)’
14 Flying Lotus ‘roberta flack (Martyn’s heart beat mix)’
15 Bomb The Bass ‘butterfingers (dan aykroyd mix by Various)’
16 Bjork ‘dull flame of desire (Modeselektor’s rmx for boys)’

No Jazz Standards October 2008

No Jazz Standards
Neut says: “A very quick mix of jazz, funk with a little soul, i needed something ‘lighter’ after the last few mixes. this won’t be widely distributed, maybe just on facebook to friends, so if you get this its because i love ya! still concentrating on the drums, but with a large injection of jazz stylings.”

Section 1
Jimi Tenor ‘caravan’ / The Bees ‘chicken payback (madlib’s soul distortion instr)’ / Neptunes ’soul pride’

Section 2
S.E.V.A. ’soul surgery’ / Timothy McNealy ’sagitarius black’ / The Sand Dollars ‘get thy bearings’ / Free The Robots ’session two’

Section 3
Malcom Catto ‘eastern excursion’ / MF Doom ‘garbage day instr’ / The Natural Yogurt Band ‘thoughts’ / Karl Hector & The Malcouns ‘nyx’ / Cinematic Orchestra ‘ode to the big sea (Axis & Arc remix)’

Section 4
The Herbaliser ‘cant help this feeling (The Heliocentrics remix)’ / TM Juke & The Jack Baker Trio ‘yeah the crab!’ / Four Tet ‘a joy (Koushik’s quick mix instr)’ / Bonobo ‘pick up (Four Tet edit)’ / The Heliocentrics ’second chance (k2’s prayer)’ / Budos Band ‘budos rising’ / Soul Destroyers ‘bird man’

Psychedelic Spirit July 2008

Neut says: “This one is still centred around pretty mad drums, but this time the influences are broader, funk, jazz, psych, hip hop, 50 tracks all up, info and artwork included in the rar file. if you dig drums, and i KNOW you do, you will enjoy, perfect for that psyched jazz party you are planning…”

Lone Sound [Drums] April 2008 – recorded escpecially for us!

Lone Sound Drums
Neut says: “It’s all about the drums… I like drums… I hope you like drums… if you like these tracks, support the artists, go buy their beats.”

Section 1
Elektriktus ‘flying at sunset’ / MHE ‘unknown 6′ / Tenshun ‘fuck officer wahl 11′ / Serge Gainsbourg ‘danger bonus beats’ / Thavius Beck ‘money instr’ / Qwel and Meaty Ogre ‘id glue instr’ / Amon Duul II ‘kismet (Pilooski edit)’ / Reezm ‘one horse town’ / ie merg ‘unknown battle track 3′ + Muslimgauze ‘under the burka (gia mix)’ / MRR-ADM ‘013′ / Justin Sayne ‘the word is now a pleonasm’ / Earthling ‘nefisa (Portishead mix)’ + Deckard ‘crawling under’ / Meaty Ogre ‘city of god’

Section 2
Malcolm Catto ’spaghetti’ / Alexanders Dark Band ‘eh o400′ + Modern English ’silent world’ / Viktor Vaughn ‘ode to road rage’ / Tenshun ‘nihilism 9′ + Alexanders Dark Band ’san fran funk’ / The Gaslamp Killer ’show stopper’ / The Heliocentrics ‘before i die (hip hop instr)’ + Portishead ’sheared box’ / Opus ’symbiotic’ / Waxfactor ‘foreign objects’ + Rehash ’sweep (nod to a xian)’ / Max Bill ‘goochie’ / Alexanders Dark Band ’strange man’ / Sixtoo ‘incedental 6′ / Bolaphone ‘first finger (your waste)’

Section 3
Bo Hansson ‘fog on the barrow downs’ / MRR-ADM ‘012′ / Alexanders Dark Band ‘one minute beat’ / Tenshun ’sloth 14′ / Serge Gainsbourg ‘la horse bonus beats’ / Alexanders Dark Band ’space donkeys on crack’ / Giallos Flame ‘keoma’

Visit the Timbre Mill on MySpace: myspace.com/thetimbremill

‘Ghetto Blasters’ photo by Ziad Diaz

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