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fbcfabric & Reindeer - Who Are You EP - Review

fbcfabric & Reindeer - Who Are You EPOn a grey Saturday afternoon, overlooking the industrial estate, we brighten our day with the limited edition 10" release from producer fbcfabric & mic controller reindeer - the Who Are You EP, tracks taken from the forthcoming album 'It's not who you know, it's whom you know'.

Signed to Buttercuts Records, where the attitude is "In a world of bullsh*t - music is all that matters...", Who Are You is 3 tracks of skewered hip hop influenced by likes of Godspeed You! Black Emporer, Tortoise, Low & Silver Mt. Zion...

Track 1 - Soulsuck

A warm organ sound brings in a head-nod friendly bass & snare, which stays with us throughout this observation of pop celebrity culture. You'll find Reindeer's vocals hiding behind a dreamy, meandering soundscape, expressing his cynasism subtly in delivery and clearly in content, providing an insighful take on pop culture. It's like all those things you might think whilst sucking in the media pushed our way, summed up in a mellow burst. Ending with a disjointed horn, this is a good indictaion of what's to come...

Track 2 - Passenger

This is a tale from a journey through the streets in any town, at any time of day - bus rides and "overheard conversations encroaching". There's a melancholic air of about this one as Reindeer describes the mundane enviornment of your nearest town centre, in a way that at times verging on beautiful and at times sounding like Cage.

"Shops drawn in rows, and souls floating between them / spending plastic for temporary relief..." It seems anti-consumerism is on Reindeer's mind, and this track could help you through a Saturday afternoon on the high street.

Track 3 - Down the Sides

In the final track fbcfabric rides alone, providing an off-kilter, hypnotic tone. The title itself is somewhat unnerving, coupled with the haunting samples, you'll find yourself caught in a tense instrumental. Extremely atsmospheric.

The Who Are You? Ep is out now on Buttercuts records.

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The full-length album
» 'It's Not Who You Know, It's Whom You Know'
is released on the 20th June