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Insa Graffiti Exhibition


Hotel Pelirocco Presents:

Insa's Graffiti Fetish

29th April - 8th June

Hotel Pelirocco, 10 Regency Square, Brighton, BN1 2FG

13th May - 6th June

Best, 5 Back Hill, London EC1R 5EN

More Info on Insa

With over 12 prolific years under his belt, INSA is one of the UK's most innovative and respected graffiti writers. Originally from Leeds, INSA moved London to serve his art apprenticeship on the city's walls; and quickly became a well recognised name in the dark underbelly of one of the world's most vibrant underground art scenes.

InsaHowever, when a brief but inevitable spell at Her Majesty's pleasure nearly threatened to cut short his promising career, INSA decided to turn his focus to developing his technique, rather than his criminal record. This was the right move, and working alongside some of the UK's best respected writers, INSA was able to hone the tight spray can technique and graphical style that has made him one the scene's most technical and gifted artists.

INSA has continued to push his creative repertoire beyond the safety of his inimitable 3D pieces, more recently becoming known for his distinctive "high heel" image. As the artist explains: "It comes from ideas I have about graffiti being a fetish and the obsession I have with the four letters I N S A - constantly dressing them up and drawing their curves. So to represent these ideas I have replaced them with a more traditional fetishised object, the high heel, and played around with it like I would my letters."

The high heel designs have featured on a number of INSA-styled products from ladies' underwear, toys, t-shirts, high heeled shoes and custom designed sneakers, all of which have been sold (and sold out) through boutiques both in London and New York.

Following a busman's holiday in the US last summer, INSA has decided to set his sights on things closer to home. He has announced that this spring/summer he plans to embark on a 5 date "locals only" UK tour, taking a collection of his current art and projects to venues in Leeds, Birmingham, Brighton, Newcastle, Edinburgh and London.

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