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Droplet Series 2 Launch Night

Back in February Gavin Strange AKA JamFactory released the second series of his Droplet vinyl toys.

Featuring custom versions of the toy by a huge list of talent from near and far, the launch night at Bristol's Fifty Fifty attracted a massive audience. Here's a little retrospective of the night, featuring all of the customs on show.

Camera : Jonny Clooney & Gavin Strange
Edit : Jonny Clooney
Motion Graphics : Ciaran O' Connor

Side note: We had some issues with sound for the voice sections, the room it was shot in was fairly echoey. I am shooting in the dark a little bit in regards to fixing it, so if you have any pointers they'd be greatly appreciated.

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Uploaded by Makinov on 2010-05-18 16:03:59

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