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Capsule Art Book

Capsule Art Book »

Capsule is the new project from the same mind behind Multilink Magazine, featuring some amazing artwork from the likes of Meggs, Duster, PandaYoghurt and Alex Young to name a few.

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Delarge ‘Styles Upon Styles’ Tshirts

Delarge ‘Styles Upon Styles’ Tshirts »

We have a new set of exclusive tshirts out entitled ‘Styles Upon Styles’, with an exclusive design and super dope look.

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Heavy Artillery ‘Haters’ show

Heavy Artillery ‘Haters’ show »

The end of October saw the all-star graffiti crew Heavy Artillery with special guest Insa, host a show at the Prescription Art gallery here in Brighton. We have a photo gallery of shots from the opening night.

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Urban Dirty iPhone, iPod and laptop skins

Urban Dirty iPhone, iPod and laptop skins »

You might know about Delarge’s sister site Urban Dirty, treatment full of free texture photos for your designs and artwork, arthritis and also the source of a lot of graphics for our wallpapers. Well, now there is a range of Urban Dirty laptop, iPhone and iPod skins available at Infectious.

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Delarge ‘Boom Bap’ Tshirt series

Delarge ‘Boom Bap’ Tshirt series »

Available now in the shop in Men’s and Girl’s styles:

You may remember seeing our desktop wallpaper featuring SJ sporting our ‘Raised in the Ways of that Old Boom Bap’ tshirt. We now have these 3 new Tshirt designs let loose in the shop, look you can also grab all [...]

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Insa Heels photoshoot

Insa Heels photoshoot »

We do harp on about Dark Daze and the DeadDeadDead crew quiet a bit, online but it’s with good reason, neuropathist they have a lot of big things going on at the moment.
Firstly, unhealthy you could do a lot worse than go and see the photoshoot that the DeadDeadDead posse have just [...]

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Win Mr. Jago ‘Play Nice’ tshirts

Win Mr. Jago ‘Play Nice’ tshirts »

Bristol based artist and seasoned recruit of the urban art and design scene Mr. Jago has a lot going on at the moment. September sees his first solo art show in London and the release of his ‘Play Nice’ clothing range.
We have details of the show and a set of 4 ‘Play Nice’ tshirts [...]

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Alex Young – Exhibitionism

Alex Young – Exhibitionism »

Friend of Delarge and supreme art champion, look Alex Young has an exhibition running at London’s Grenade Art until the 12th August. Take a peek at these photos from the show courtesy of Ekotopia:

» See more photos on Ektopia’s Flickr gallery
» See our time lapse art video featuring Alex sketching and inking a huge [...]

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Win Dephect clothing

Win Dephect clothing »

Dephect have launched their new season of clothing for Spring/Summer 2008 – to celebrate we have a brand new wind-breaker jacket and tshirts to give away. Enter now »

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Dark Daze and Heavy Artillery in LA

Dark Daze and Heavy Artillery in LA »

Super illy fresh photographer and Delarge compadre Dark Daze has been hanging in Los Angeles with graffiti royalty, visit web Heavy Artillery… Dark Daze is uploading photos from the trip as we speak, capsule and dropping verbals on his blog. His photos give you an exclusive insight and amazing perspective on the trip.
If [...]

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Computer Arts Projects magazine

Computer Arts Projects magazine »

Chief Delargian Paul appears in Computer Arts Projects Magazine (December 2007), recipe the Street Art issue in the ‘Last Word’ on the last page, talking about graffiti in the mainstream. Go grab a copy at your local upmarket newsagent.

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Shepard Fairey / Obey Giant: Nineteeneightyfouria

Shepard Fairey / Obey Giant: Nineteeneightyfouria »

Delarge was in the place to be last night at the Shepard Fairey show at the Stolen Space gallery in London. The set up was massive, nurse we had a 2 hour+ DJ set from Shepard himself and the artwork was mind blowing. Shouts to Snub (see his show stash above) , FK, Hutch, [...]

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  • Napoleon Dynamite — RADIX JOURNAL (mp3)

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    Andy, Colin, Richard, and special guest John Morgan go in for a bit of the old ultra-violence in a discussion of Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange (1971). Can one truly be moral without the capacity for rape and mayhem? Is "Alex Delarge" simply a sociopath and thug . . . or an avatar of the übermensch in an egalitarian age? »
  • The Beat Magistral (Con Anima) (mp3)

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    A massive deep dark flowing mix by Dj Heisa. A beautiful trip through abstract hip hop, jazz, classical and folk music. This man makes classical, jazz and folk music sounds like hip hop. Tracklist at »
  • The Glitch Mob - Crush Mode (40 min mix) (mp3)

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    A huge heavy mix of massive bass and chopped up beats from LA's premier glitched-out electro hip hop crew . You just imagine seeing and hearing this played LOUD in a club - it would blow your mind. More of their music at »

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