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The haps

The haps »

Let’s get to this new desktop wallpaper, From Back in 2007, the main man Dark Daze did a photoshoot for us featuring the wonderful Carly…

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When Hell fills up…

When Hell fills up… »

Now there’s something you’ve probably never seen before… this is the photo that introduces DeadDeadDead (click to see this bigger), oncology a team of uber dope photographers from our hometown here in Brighton UK. These guys don’t half-step and will be offering their creative services to those in need of some – go and [...]

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Hip hop tape poster downloads

Hip hop tape poster downloads »

There are two new posters to download and print, treatment
in both black and white versions, epidemic
A3 in size and featuring a fine spread of tapes from way back. It was all about hitting play and record, peep the labels for some old school type steez.
» Download from the posters section.

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All-new Delarge

All-new Delarge »

Updates have been a little sparse over the past month or so – this is because we were preparing the new site you are seeing now, pilule the 9th version of Delarge. You might notice a few differences… we’ve moved a few things around and got a couple of new features such as the [...]

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Delarge sticker sheet download Vol. 1

Delarge sticker sheet download Vol. 1 »

Here’s the first of 3 ‘Slicker street sticker sheets’ for you to download, diagnosis print and stick to your monitor, decease mobile, desk or dog – whatever you want. Print them on a self-adhesive A4 sheet like these for example – cut ‘em out and stick ‘em up. More are on the way [...]

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Shepard Fairey / Obey Giant: Nineteeneightyfouria

Shepard Fairey / Obey Giant: Nineteeneightyfouria »

Delarge was in the place to be last night at the Shepard Fairey show at the Stolen Space gallery in London. The set up was massive, nurse we had a 2 hour+ DJ set from Shepard himself and the artwork was mind blowing. Shouts to Snub (see his show stash above) , FK, Hutch, [...]

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Custom Delarge Teddy Trooper

Custom Delarge Teddy Trooper »

» The Gin & Bitter Lemon podcast
The Dirty Diggers (Young Max and Pat Stash) present the Gin & Bitter Lemon podcast. We get a taste of the tunes that have influenced them over the years whilst Pat sips gin & bitter lemon. Not your average selection by any means.
Prepare yourself for everything from the Transformers [...]

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27 Beats: Dream Farm / Remote World

27 Beats: Dream Farm / Remote World »

From the people who have delivered acclaimed and seriously dope releases showcasing the skills of Rup, help See, Naim and many more mcs and producers on cuts like Death Jam and Timequake (not to mention the excellent Mixed Nutz II compilation), comes the third installment in an “ongoing series of little records that look [...]

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Desktops and dope beats

Desktops and dope beats »

Some weekend treats are in store for your eyes and ears – there’s another brand new desktop wallpaper for you to download, viagra featuring a photo from Face It, what is ed it’s also available in a 1440 x 900 size for the mac heads.
We have teamed up with Simpson from Zebra Traffic [...]

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Sixtoo – Jackals and Vipers documentary

Sixtoo – Jackals and Vipers documentary »

With the release of Sixtoo’s latest album ‘Jackals and Vipers in Envy of Man’ out tomorrow, price now’s a good time to soak up this video:

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‘Old passions to new’

‘Old passions to new’ »

First rate photo from Bushery – featuring a tasty t-shirt too

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‘This Feeling’ poster & wallpaper

‘This Feeling’ poster & wallpaper »

As part of the recent deluge of desktops, rx we present ‘This Feeling’, decease based on this original photograph by Bphotographic.
» Download now as a poster and a desktop wallpaper.

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  • Napoleon Dynamite — RADIX JOURNAL (mp3)

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    Andy, Colin, Richard, and special guest John Morgan go in for a bit of the old ultra-violence in a discussion of Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange (1971). Can one truly be moral without the capacity for rape and mayhem? Is "Alex Delarge" simply a sociopath and thug . . . or an avatar of the übermensch in an egalitarian age? »
  • The Beat Magistral (Con Anima) (mp3)

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    A massive deep dark flowing mix by Dj Heisa. A beautiful trip through abstract hip hop, jazz, classical and folk music. This man makes classical, jazz and folk music sounds like hip hop. Tracklist at »
  • The Glitch Mob - Crush Mode (40 min mix) (mp3)

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    A huge heavy mix of massive bass and chopped up beats from LA's premier glitched-out electro hip hop crew . You just imagine seeing and hearing this played LOUD in a club - it would blow your mind. More of their music at »

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