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Wreckshop Philly Golden Era
Listen to Part 11 – Phill Most Chill On Tempo Jack, buy cialis Steady B New Breed, Let the Hustlers Play, Serious (4min 36secs)

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If you were raised in the ways of that old boom bap, or if you want to hear some sweet, solid classic hip hop from the 80s, then you should grab hold of Aroe & the Soundmakers’ latest mix, The Wreckshop Philly Golden Era Vol 1. Weighing in at just over 1 hour long with more than 50 of Philadelphia’s finest hip hop gems, with DJ Too Tuff & The LA Kidd as our hosts. Check the tracklist, with joints from Steady B, Tuff Crew, Schooly D, 3 Times Dope, Phill Most Chill, Plush Brothers and Bizzy B to name a few.

As the name suggests, this mix is a “tribute to the greatest hip hop city on the map” – compiled over the last year into a non-stop heavy hitting lesson in Philly’s early vibe and a guide to how to dig in the crates.


The Soundmakers Philly Intro
Robbie B & DJ Jazz – Get Hip to the Real Thing
Another 1 4 U 2 N V – You GotDamn Right
Tuff Crew – Smooth Momentum
Cool C – Juice Crew Dis (Opsta Now Mix)
Steady B – I Gotcha (12″ Philly Mix)
Prelitique & MC Sweet – Another Lie/We Got the Right to Front
Von Love – This is How it Should be Done
Plush Brothers – Back to the Lab
Plush Brothers – No Gun
Ultrafunk – The Master’s Here
3rd Dynasty – It’s Curtains
Larry Larr – Keep on Y’all
Hip City Swingers – I’m the Man
Larry Larr – Line 2 Line, Rhyme 4 Rhyme (Instr.)
Tuff Crew – She Rides a Pony (Remix)
Roots – Boom
Tuff Crew – My Part of Town (Remix)
Tuff Crew – Show ‘em Hell
Tuff Crew – Attack from the Rear
Tuff Crew – Open Field Attack
Tuff Crew – Nut (Soundmakers Remix)
Mobb Sqwad – T.L. Back to Yell
Too Brown – Erie Avenue is the Promised Land
Singing MC Breeze – It Ain’y My Baby
Baritone Tip Love – All Hell is Breakin’ Loose
Phill Most Chill – Damage
Another 1 4 U 2 N V – I am Chaka
Rock Hard Delegation – Just for the Audience
Ice Cream Tee – I Can’t Hold Back
3 Times Dope – Once More You Hear the Dope Stuff
3 Times Dope – From the Giddy Up
Lightnin’ Lee & Poppy P – Lightnin’ is in Effect
Todd 1 – Give ‘em Something Radical (Soundmakers Dangerous Mix)
Todd 1 – I Did It
Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – He’s the DJ I’m the Rapper
Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Hip Hop Dancers Theme
Singing MC Breeze – Superbad
Jewel T – I Like it Loud
Jewel T – School of Hardknocks
Phill Most Chill – On Tempo Jack
Steady B – New Breed
Steady B – Let the Hustlers Play
Steady B – Serious (Soundmakers Touch of Jazz Remix)
Schooly D – Saturday Night
Schooly D – Put Your Filas On
Schooly D – P.S.K. (What Does it Mean)
Mac Money – P.S. P.S.K. (I’ll Tell You What it Means)
Bizzy B – I’m Stronger Than Before
Dominating MCs – Knowledge Bound
Intellectuals of Rhyme – Seconds of a Dope Rhyme
Mobb Sqwad – Flippin’ Keeloz
Tuff Crew – Wreck Shop (Soundmakers Remix)

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